Boy Mom vs. Girl Mom

Recently a friend said to me, “You’re such a BOY MOM!” This was after I had encouraged Little Brother to defend the backyard from the “bad guys” by racing around with his toy sword.
I have 3 children; 2 boys and a girl in the middle. But I do seem to be more comfortable with play activities stereotypically associated with boys (involving trucks, dinosaurs, knights, pirates, etc) rather than girls (dolls, hair, makeup). I love to cook, though! Maybe it’s just that I had a boy first and got used to things….I don’t think she meant it as an insult, but it did get me wondering if I’m somehow failing my daughter because I really don’t engage in those girly things with her–and she wants to–I am just clueless about them, always have been!
I try to make it up to Middle Sister by taking her shopping occasionally, just us girls, including a snack afterward. It’s always a nice time. I hope that my girly daughter enjoys those times as much as I do.

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