This post at Danielle Bean’s site really hit home for me today.

I’ve been interrupted more times than I can count just this week by family members who need me to apply a band-aid, listen to a story, fill a sippy cup, find a missing shoe, read a book or give a hug or three.

I am not a gracious person when interrupted. The call, “Mom!” is often met by an Archie Bunker-eque “WHAAAAAAAAAAT???!” after a while.

I don’t want my kids answering me that way when I call them.

After I read what Danielle had to say I started thinking about the meaning of the word “obedience.” It really has more to do with listening.

If I expect my children to obey me, then I need to listen to them and respond nicely.

They may be interrupting me from planning dinner, cooking, mopping, vacuuming, reading, making a bed, folding socks or whatever. But the band-aids, hugs and sippy cups are also part of my job.

Thanks for the food for thought, Danielle.

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