Here, Fishy, Fishy!

Last night we were visiting with our Back Fence Neighbors. The 5 children we have between us were climbing over the fence, playing in both yards and having lots of fun.
Their 5-year-old daughter had just gotten a Barbie fishing pole for her birthday on Friday. Instead of a hook, there was a plastic fish, about 3 inches long, tied to the end of the line. (The fish could be removed and replaced with hook and bobber).
Big Brother was having lots of fun with this fishing pole. Obviously the pink fishing pole with the blue fish was no threat to his Boy-Scout-camp-honed masculinity. He stood atop a giant fort in the backyard, casting as far as he could.
Once it almost went into another neighbor’s pool.
A few times it nearly caught in a nearby tree.
Then he tried to cast it over the roof.
He heard a thump, and suddenly the little blue plastic fish was nowhere to be seen.
Luckily the two dads quickly realized that the pole itself was undamaged. Probably the Boy Scout hadn’t knotted the fish to the end of the line well enough (it had come off once already).
While the dads were inspecting the fishing pole, Big Brother went off in search of the missing fish. The next thing I knew, he was on the roof of the house! We have a split-level, so the roofs on the various levels are easy to reach once you’re on any one of them.
Himself told Big Brother that he had to get off the roof NOW. Then we were all hunting for the little blue fish. We checked the flower beds, the sandbox, the castle, and under the tree in front of the house. We looked under the cars, including the ones across the street–and attracted the attention of two neighbors who already think we’re insane, because we send our children to Catholic School (but that’s another story).
This morning Himself found the missing fish, in the little space under the windshield wipers of his car. There was still some line attached, so Big Brother’s Boy Scout knotting skills are no longer suspect.

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