Everybody loses

Earlier this summer, three little children lost their lives after playing hide-and-seek in a junk car in one of their backyards.
Their parents have set into motion a lawsuit against the police, for not searching properly for the boys.
Yesterday the police report revealed that the search techniques the police used were not up to new standards, and also that the parents should have called the police earlier in the search. Nothing was ever said about the wisdom of keeping an unlocked junk car in your backyard.
Does it really matter now?
Would a lawsuit bring back the boys? Would it do anything to ensure that in future search and rescue cases, the police would do a better job? Would it bring any comfort to the grieving parents? Is casting the blame on the police productive or healthy for these parents?
Someone–or many someones–were negligent here, but many people turned out to help find those little boys. People, both police and volunteers, worked hard to help their neighbors in trouble. That’s the silver lining here.
But with this lawsuit, everybody loses.

2 thoughts on “Everybody loses

  1. I can’t imagine what those parents are going through – especially after seeing the video when they found the boys. Sadly, I think they may believe blaming someone else – alleviates their own guilt.Blame doesn’t bring those children back… I get teary thinking of it.I will pray for their families.

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