Meet Mr. Mom

The kids and I watched a new program, “Meet Mr. Mom,” on NBC. I have to say it was better than I expected. I figured it would be the same old, same old….bumbling Dad on TV, screwing up in every way.
Not quite–though the one Dad would have been lost if he hadn’t won the full day of maid service.
What struck my kids most was the fudge-pop count racked up by one four-year-old, who was never portrayed without an ice cream pop in his hand, and the other Dad’s enjoyment of the pet llama.
Frankly, I thought some of the commercials were worse than the show. They were designed as comic relief, but both JC Penney AND State Farm Insurance used the “screw-up guy” in their ads. The Dad finding a houseful of kids with a working lawn sprinkler was funny enough to make Big Brother fall off the couch laughing, but I am so convinced that these ads (and often, TV shows) just don’t give Dad enough credit.
The Dads on the show were graded on Parenting, Housekeeping, Nutrition and Time Management.
I think they should grade the Moms on the same scale and see how they did. I’m not sure most of us could do that much better! Hey, there are days I’d LOVE a full day of maid service!

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