Teen Humor

Sunday we had friends visiting, and we got some pizza for dinner. Between us there were 5 teenagers (their 4 girls, and Big Brother) plus our younger children.
We don’t have too many friends with children older than ours. Most of our relatives & friends had children a little later than we did. This means that generally, they’re quite tolerant and forgiving when it comes to toddler/preschool behavior.

Sometimes, though, it’s nice to be around people who can enjoy with us the fact that the container of Garlic Powder in my kitchen has been relabeled “Vampire’s Bane.”

3 thoughts on “Teen Humor

  1. I love that…Vampire’s bane! I’ll have to remember that the next time I make dinner, because everything I cook, contains a hefty amount of garlic.

  2. I love that. It makes me think of a pasta dish from Cooking Light that was called Dracula’s Revenge … though now that I think of it, that wasn’t very well named because it was chock-full of garlic!

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