Leave it to a kid…

While driving through town, Middle Sister and I noticed the unmistakable odor of skunk.
Middle Sister reminded me, “If you get sprayed by a skunk, you should take a bath in tomatoes.”
Me: “Right.”
Middle Sister: “Why do you use tomatoes?”
Me: “Because something in the tomatoes makes the smell of skunk go away.”
Middle Sister: “But then you would smell like tomatoes!”
Me: “What would you rather smell like?”
Middle Sister: “SOAP!”

8 thoughts on “Leave it to a kid…

  1. trust me when I say…tomato juice, tomato soup, tomato anything…doesn’t work. I won’t go into particulars…just trust me…it was…bad.

  2. since you are originally from nj – you would appreciate that when we were in high school – one of our favorite lines were “it’s not a night out in bergen county – if you can’t smell skunk”

  3. Jill…yeah, I know what you mean.I’m still in NJ, just not “up north.” Of course, no matter where I live, “North Jersey” will ALWAYS be limited to “North of Newark.”

  4. I can recall as a young boy the very distinct odor of skunks at my Grandfathers house outside of Tom’s River. I think it was more Pine Barrens than housing back then.

  5. Barb – don’t think i am blonde πŸ™‚ – but i thought SFO – meant – San Fran/Oakland… duh!!!! Now I take it to mean Secular Franciscan Order… Sorry… What do I know… I thought you lived out west from NJ!

  6. Jill, don’t worry about it. You’re not the only one! Yes, the initials I get to sign after my name do refer to more than just an airport πŸ™‚ (The SFO is a fairly well-kept secret, which is why the median age in many fraternities is about 60).I do live in the area known in Colonial times as “West Jersey.” Does that count?

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