Sports Hero Needed

Crybabies need not apply.

Big Brother thought about wearing his treasured Philadelphia Eagles jersey to a family party we’ll be attending today. I pointed out to him that in light of the fact that the player whose number he’d be sporting (Terrel Owens) has been in disgrace in recent weeks due to greed, a bad attitude and a thirst for a media circus, he would be opening himself up to no end of comments on the subject from a party full of New York Giants fans.
I think he’s going to change his clothes.
Until he grows out of this one, we will not be investing in another jersey for him….but I need to plan ahead. Good jerseys are hard to get. Good sports heroes are even harder.
It would be great if my teenage son had a Philadelphia Eagles player that he could really look up to, someone whose actions on–and especially off–the field distinguish him from the T.O’s of the game.
Kids like to look up to athletes, and unfortunately the ones who make the news are almost never the ones kids should be looking up to.

Anyone know of a true sports HERO for my son?

One thought on “Sports Hero Needed

  1. Well, for my money? You cant beat a nice southern boy like Jake Delhomme. Hey, he took the Panthers to the Superbowl,he’s Cajun, AND Catholic (Seriously, Fr.Iggy (OFM Cap) from my parish does their services and thinks the world of him) AND he hasn’t let the limelight spoil his values! Heck, he and his wife are so attached to their hometown values they still live in Breaux Bridge Louisiana (the crawfish capital of the world) when they’re not playing or practicing.Here are his specs: an all-around good guy. I know, this might cause some problems in Eagles land where animosity for the Panthers ran a little high that one season, but it’s just a thought. 🙂

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