My younger sister would say…

I’m a LOSER!
I know for a fact she would say this. She’s never been shy about it.
Anyway, my whole family–except for me–has gone to the mountains in central Pennsylvania for a weekend at our Neighbor’s Mountain House. Dads and Kids Only. No Moms Allowed.
And what am I doing here at home while everyone’s away?
Scrubbing the entire kitchen floor with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and then finishing it off with an acrylic floor polish.
No lie.
My sister is right. But it’s the only time I can do this without having Little Brother run across the newly-finished floor and STICK there because the acrylic is not yet dry!
I guess I’m even more of a Loser for being 40 years old and still worrying about what my sister thinks.

One thought on “My younger sister would say…

  1. That makes two of us then. :)I spent last night polishing and oiling the cabinets, rather than going out with friends…because I knew the kids would be asleep and I could do it without them getting covered in brown stain. When did it happen?

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