Sweet, but silly

I got a bag of Dove mini chocolates (on sale, with coupons, if you know me you know the drill here).
I’m betting that I’m like most moms and hide my “secret stash” of chocolate from the kids….so today when I was near the Secret Chocolate Hiding Place I opened up this bag of little Dove candies.
Guess I haven’t had one of THESE in a while. They are like New Age Fortune Cookies! When you unwrap the foil you see a little message like “Go to your special place” or “Make your eyes twinkle.”
It can’t just be about enjoying a good piece of chocolate? It has to be a “personal indulgence” that I somehow “deserve” because of everything I do all day? Is this a candy bar or a woman’s magazine?
Here’s the way I think about it. The candy should be good on its own. It should be something I want to savor because it is delicious, and a treat–not because of any silly directions on the wrapper.

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