It’s Easter Vacation

And you know what that means:

–candy-crazed children (and moms, since I have made sure I have an ample supply of the thing I sacrificed all Lent. Come Sunday morning, my Breakfast of Champions is going to include a lot of Whoppers(tm) because somebody got me hungry for them….)

–late bedtimes and begging for sleepovers with friends

–an ongoing backyard engineering project based on the construction of a waterfall in the sandbox, which is rapidly degenerating into a water fight (shall I intervene? Nah. I’d just get wet.)

–the installation of Big Brother’s Orthodontic Appliance, the first step in a multi-year, bill-with-a-comma-in-it program to straighten teeth that don’t look that bad

–enough time on my hands to bake Cinnamon Buns from Heaven

and, of course, the Reason for It All: the Triduum (we’re going to try!)

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