Musicianship 101

BusyMom (Better Parenting Through Coffee) has done that Weird Things Meme that keeps going around and around. I’ve done it about 3 times myself.

I have to say I saw myself in this one:
3. I don’t play a band instrument, but, I’ve always wanted to be in a marching band.

ME TOO! And if I were to play a band instrument, I don’t know which one I’d pick. I can’t even begin to think of it–I can’t picture myself playing any band instrument. I have a banjo, though (can’t play that either) so maybe I have a future in a string band, if I could get past the fashion statement those costumes make!

I guess I will just have to confine my musical pursuits to the more boring but definitely more practical. I have a lovely organ in my dining room, courtesy of a good friend who wanted to give it away to a good home. And I am going to learn to play it. The other day I ordered some beginner books, and when they get here I am really going to try.

I definitely can’t play it in a marching band, though.

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