Always blog on a full tank

A few weeks ago I took advantage of an offer to review some coffee. The terms of the offer were that I would receive six coffee samples, try them out, write a review on my blog and submit the link to the coffee company. Big Daddy thought this was an interesting marketing technique. I thought it was a way to justify my daily coffee consumption!

I figured that the “samples” would be little single-pot packets. I was very pleasantly surprised when a large box appeared on my doorstep. It contained six EIGHT-OUNCE BAGS of coffee. I was in Coffee Heaven. (Actually, I still am, because I haven’t finished tasting and drinking all this wonderfully aromatic coffee.) I could smell the coffee through the special vent in the pouch. The worst part was figuring out which one to try first. There were “Bloggers Boot Up Blend,” “New Media Mavericks,” “Blogs of Bravery,” “Bloggers PJ Passion,” “Late Night Log In” and “Bloggers Beach Blast.”

The kids, who are not coffee drinkers (by Mom’s Decree), all weighed in with suggestions of which coffee pouch to open first. Both Big Brother and Little Brother suggested that I start with “Blogs of Bravery” since the label featured a helicopter. In fact, Little Brother calls this one “Army Guy Coffee.” Big Daddy, who’s not much of a coffee drinker unless it’s flavored, decided that we should taste-test “Bloggers Beach Blast” with its chocolate and caramel flavor. It’s his custom to add French Vanilla creamer to his coffee, and once he did that he practically had dessert. He likes to start his day with this one. I think it would make a nice iced-coffee-based smoothie, but it’s not my favorite for drinking as a cup of coffee.

My next pick was “New Media Mavericks.” It’s a silly name, in my opinion, but the coffee rocks. It’s described as a “medium roast from the prized Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.” This variety was fantastic and I was sad to finish the bag.

Now I’ve moved on to the Army Guy Coffee: “Blogs of Bravery.” Since the bag stated it was a blend of dark and medium roasts, I was a little apprehensive. I don’t like Starbucks; I can’t stand dark roasts. But this is really nice. It’s not bitter at all, has no burned taste, and a very good coffee flavor.

I haven’t gotten to the other three varieties yet, but so far I am very impressed at the quality of the coffee. It’s delicious and very fresh. I’m enjoying every sip.

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