Pro Mom?

In Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer, which I am just getting around to reading now, there’s an article about Pro Moms. These are moms who were former working professionals, who apply the management skills they used at work to their lives as moms and homemakers. That wasn’t the main idea of the article, but it was a recurring theme.

It’s an interesting idea, and some of it works. But the home is not an office. It’s not a classroom. It’s a home, and it’s just different. I have been both a teacher and a software analyst, so I’ve worked in both environments, in positions where I had a certain degree of authority over others. I also had clear deadlines, and a definite beginning and end to the day. I have none of these in my current chosen vocation of Wife, Mom, Homemaker, Shopper, Family Taxi Driver, and Finder of All Lost Things. Even my Really Cool Planner can’t make me toe the daily-schedule line the way a school bell or the demands of a boss might.

I think the difference here is that I prefer to think of motherhood as a Vocation, not as a Profession.

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