Weekend Miscellany

The Good:
On Saturday we attended the wedding of my husband’s cousin, who is a very lovely and confident young woman. The groom was from Scotland, so we enjoyed bagpipe music after the ceremony as well as other music from the groomsmen (in kilts) during the reception. After Communion the priest prayed over the young couple and announced that they have consecrated their marriage to the Blessed Mother. I wish them every blessing as they begin their life together.

Sunday morning we attended Mass at my parents’ parish, where the Gospel Choir from Straight and Narrow, a center for rehabilitation, detox and support for substance abusers who wish to get clean. They shared their music–wonderful and uplifting–and their stories, and their gratitude to God and their supporters in the program for getting a fresh start in life.

The Bad:
I received word that Father T. is very ill; he is hardly able to speak and cannot walk. He has asked for prayers.

The Ugly:
Middle Sister was an accident magnet yesterday. She brought her scooter to my parents’ house to take advantage of the long, steep hill they live on. Instead, the hill got the better of her. It took a whole box of extra-large “knee and elbow” bandages to cover up the road rash on both her legs, one hip and both elbows. Later, at my brother-in-law’s surprise 40th birthday party, all the kids were playing soccer, and she got hit in the head with the ball. (Yes, we’ve watched for signs of concussion. So far, so good).

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