2 for the Price of 1

This afternoon we set out to do a good deed. Our parish regularly supplies a local food pantry, housed at the Moravian church in town. One of the volunteers mentioned that supplies were getting low, and that food was needed.

There was a special need of food that children will eat, such as breakfast cereal, peanut butter and jelly, crackers, juice and the like. Something we may not think about is that in the summer when school’s out, those children who receive free or low-cost breakfast and lunch at school are now on their own. So in the summer, food pantries have more demand and are feeding more children.

“Not-so-coincidentally” the next day, my neighbor asked if I knew where she could donate 14 packages of breakfast cereal that she had gotten free with the intention of donating them. I told her I’d bring them along with my own donations.

When the kids and I got to the food pantry, there was a sign on the door that they were closed today. So we headed over to church to leave the food in the foyer. Someone will bring it over after the weekend.

Middle Sister and I brought the food into the collection area, but we had to go through the back door of the church, where we saw a little sparrow hiding among the table legs and potted plants in the small vestibule. We couldn’t chase him out so we rang the bell of the friary to ask the secretary what we should do about the bird. Her daughter came over and ultimately coaxed the frightened sparrow onto a pile of bulletins, and gently carried it outside, and the bird quickly flew away.

On the way home, the kids were speculating on what the bird might have been doing in the foyer: building a nest in the plants, having a “bird bath” in the holy water font….I preferred to think about how God cares for all the helpless ones, in all kinds of ways.

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