Works-For-Me Wednesday: Refill Day

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This is a little routine I’ve developed for every Wednesday: Refill Day.

On Wednesdays I go around and refill all the things we use during the week, even if they’re not yet empty:
the paper cups in the bathrooms
the jar of dishwasher soap in the kitchen (I buy it in bulk and the container’s so big it has to live in the basement)
soap dispensers
my medication/vitamin organizer for the week (which had BETTER be empty by then, or I’m not doing my job right of taking good care of myself!)

I also make sure we have enough supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper, tissues and the like. If not, it goes on the shopping list.

It seems like a little thing, but having a routine to fill up all these items insures that we don’t run out when they’re immediately needed.

Refill Day works for me!

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