Please Pray

On Friday evening my Secular Franciscan Fraternity will be holding its once-every-three-years election for Council positions.

We do not have a President in the SFO. We have a Minister. “Minister” comes from the root word for “service.” That title was no accident. We also have a Vice Minister, Secretary, Treasurer and Formation Director.

Of 22 Fraternity members we have far too many who are, due to various infirmities, unable to serve in this capacity, so the candidate pool is already limited. We have others who are physically able but who are reluctant or scared to serve.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will be with us during this election process. May our votes be guided so that God’s will for the Fraternity may be furthered. And may those who are selected as our Council for the next three years be blessed with the strength, courage, wisdom and whatever else they need to fulfill these roles.

Most high, all-glorious, all-good God,
Bring light to the darkness of my heart.
Give me right faith, certain hope and perfect charity,
With wisdom and insight, O Lord,
That I might always discern Your holy and true Will.

–Francis of Assisi

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