Dining Separately

Because of my kids’ sports schedules and my husband’s work hours, there are two nights a week when my family won’t be able to all eat dinner at the same time.

Everyone has to eat, but we can’t eat all at once. This throws me way off, as I’m very attached to the “whole family dinner.” I think it messes me up so much because my kids are not “super-involved.” In general, they do one sport, one Scouting OR community-service activity, and choir or altar-serving (which doesn’t involve time outside of what we’d already be doing at church). Big Brother has a couple of other things at school but they are very occasional things, not regular commitments.

I’m looking for some good dinner ideas that I can have in my “bag of tricks” for those nights. I don’t want to rely on take-out as it’s expensive AND not always very nutritious.

Two ideas that come to mind are chili and sloppy joes, as I can keep them hot in the slow cooker until everyone has eaten. I want to cook ONE meal per day–not several separate meals. Any other good ideas for days like these?

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