Happy Birthday, Big Brother

Big Brother turned 16 today, which means I am halfway through with my first teenager. Today, Father H. told me that Big Brother is “an honorable young man,” which is high praise. So please indulge me in a moment of Mommy-Bragging. Big Brother is 3 school days away from achieving straight A’s for this quarter (that would be the first time ever that he’s done so). He’s a Life Scout, having been involved in Scouting since he was 6. And he’s hanging in there with the track team, even though he had to run 7 miles in hard rain yesterday and 6 in snow flurries today. His friends at school are good kids, good students, and involved in lots of activities. Middle Sister wants to follow him onto the track team (with his encouragement). Little Brother wants to follow him everywhere.

Big Brother is a big fan of apple pie, especially homemade apple pie. So this morning I was busily peeling two kinds of apples and putting together his requested birthday dessert.

Happy birthday, Big Brother! I hope you enjoy your birthday pie.

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