Strangest Bible-School Snack EVER II

Because last year’s edible rendition of the plagues wasn’t bad enough.

This year’s Vacation Bible School featured a story about a leper (I’m not sure which leper story, but that doesn’t matter). In keeping with VBS tradition, the snacks are an edible craft that represents the story du jour.

On the day they learned about the leper, the kids had cookies with icing for their snack. Each child got two cookies. One cookie just had icing. The other cookie had icing and sprinkles.

Guess what the sprinkles were supposed to represent?


Little Brother may never look at sprinkles the same way again.

7 thoughts on “Strangest Bible-School Snack EVER II

  1. Honestly, related-to-the-story snacks are the one thing I despise about VBS. At least my kids LIKE sprinkles (leper spots or not). Some of the crazy ideas I've seen are completely unappetizing to my kids and often no alternative is offered.


  2. They can be really weird snacks. A few years ago, we did one where the story one day was St. Paul's sight being restored through Ananais and the kids ate cheese and cracker and pepperoni eyes. Thing is, a lot of the kids are such picky eaters that many of them (especially preschoolers) won't eat it, so we always have pretzel sticks they can have instead.


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