Small Success Thursday: Trick-or-Treat Edition

Happy Halloween! And Happy Small Success Thursday, where the fans of get together and give ourselves a gold star for getting through the week despite whatever challenges life throws our way.


Look! We even have a spiffy new logo! (Dorian, you rock!)

Want to play along? Just trumpet 3 (or more) accomplishments you’ve made this week.

1. It’s Halloween, and I’ve had the candy in the house for 3 weeks now. I didn’t break into it. Those who know me know just how big a deal that is. But once I turn off the porch light tonight, all bets are off and all leftovers are mine.

2. Finally I can sing a whole song without stopping to cough. It only took 4 weeks and a really expensive inhaler. Boy, it feels good to sing out!

3. I haven’t “lost it” yet. I’m hanging in there. Caregiving is not my best subject, but I have managed to get through yet another week without breaking down or taking it out on anyone else. I saw this on Facebook–it really sums me up:

keep calm and carry on

Hook up with us over at and celebrate YOUR small successes!

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