Book Review: The Grace of Yes by Lisa Hendey

Lisa Hendey is the driving force behind one of my favorite websites, But her latest inspirational book, The Grace of Yes, is geared toward a wider audience.

grace of yesYou don’t have to be a mom to appreciate the wisdom in this book. For that matter, you don’t even have to be a parent. With The Grace of Yes, Lisa Hendey has broadened her focus even as she bares her soul and tells the story of her own struggles and joys as she lives out God’s plan in her life. It’s not a big book, but there’s a lot of food for thought in those 160 pages.

I’m glad I said “yes” to reading Lisa Hendey’s latest book. It’s a combination memoir and pep talk with prayer, Scripture and inspiring quotes to tie the whole thing together. This book touches on the many ways saying “yes” can be an opportunity for grace for ourselves and others–and why sometimes saying “no” is also necessary to allow grace to work within us.

Whether you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, looking for a new direction or just starting on your path, you’ll find help, encouragement and Lisa’s kindred (and kind) spirit within these pages.

I read a preview edition of this book on my e-reader and am eagerly awaiting delivery of my print copy (Amazon promises to have it here by November 10). I already know that I want to go through this book again, highlighter in hand.

GOY-Book-Club-sq-400x400To accompany the launch of this book, is hosting a Grace of Yes Book Club. Coordinated by the impossibly-energetic Sarah Reinhard, the Book Club will feature a reflection each Saturday. You can read along and add comments to each Saturday’s Book Club post. Here’s a list of the scheduled topics:

  • November 1 – Interview with author Lisa Hendey
  • November 8 – Chapter 1: The Grace of Belief
  • November 15 – Chapter 2: The Grace of Generativity
  • November 22 – Chapter 3: The Grace of Creativity
  • November 29 – Chapter 4: The Grace of Integrity
  • December 6 – Chapter 5: The Grace of Humility
  • December 13 – Chapter 6: The Grace of Vulnerability
  • December 20 – Chapter 7: The Grace of No
  • December 27 – Chapter 8: The Grace of Rebirth

I was humbled to be asked to write one of these reflections; my chapter is Chapter 3:  The Grace of Creativity and is scheduled for November 22.

Friends-of-Fiat-400x400Finally, take a look at that cute little fish on the cover, and read the story of how the fish got a name! I may or may not have stuffed the ballot box, voted early and often, and spammed my Facebook and Twitter feeds to help push my favorite fish name to the top of the charts. But it’s all good:  there was a donation to charity at stake. My chosen charity is the local crisis pregnancy center, First Way of Burlington County, NJ, and they are in great need of assistance at this time. In your kindness, remember their good work in your prayers, and please donate to your local crisis pregnancy center. They do amazing work!

The fine print: This review is based on a preview copy of the book, courtesy of Netgalley.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Grace of Yes by Lisa Hendey

  1. Barb, you are so sweet. And I think you’re forgiven for stuffing the ballot box… 😉

    If you saw my house, you would rephrase the “impossibly energetic” descriptor, I promise… (Or if you saw me lounging all day on the couch…)

    I’m looking forward to the book club too. There’s SO MUCH to discuss in this book!

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