2014 in 12 posts

Here’s a fun linkup:  sum up your year by choosing 12 posts from the blog! There are supposed to be photos too, but that didn’t always work out. Oh, and there are a few more than 12 in there. (Sorry, not sorry.)12 in 2014Dwija at House Unseen is hosting.

In January, I was feeling consumed by Little Brother’s six-week-old diabetes diagnosis and finding ways to navigate both of us through a day.

This is what 3 months' worth of diabetes supplies looks like--not counting insulin, which lives in the refrigerator.
This is what 3 months’ worth of diabetes supplies looks like–not counting insulin, which lives in the refrigerator.

One day at a time. One meal at a time.

In February, I started my new cooking blog. blue and gold 2012 setup pasta pansHave you visited it? You don’t have to be diabetic to enjoy the recipes I share at Cook and Count. (Maybe this year I’ll finish transferring recipes from the old cooking blog.)

In March, I organized a week of Tech Week Dinners for the cast and crew of the high-school musical. leaning tower of beveragesIt’s a labor of love, and I really do love it.

April saw me a little overwhelmed (when am I not?), and finding a new way to deal with it.

May brought out the Mama Bear in this mama when my diabetic child went to a restaurant on a school field trip.denied

And Big Brother finished college.baccalaureate Mass


In June I got my hands on a book I hadn’t read in over 20 years. make space make symbolsIt was worth the search for just one line.

And Middle Sister graduated from high school.

In July we learned that our associate pastor would be retiring and moving at the end of the summer. ed14b-altarserverHere’s my tribute to Father H., priest and scholar.

DSC_0358August’s impromptu vacation was just what the doctor ordered. Lots of relaxation.

September brought the beginning of a new school year, the adjustment to cooking for 3, and that after-summer burst of organizing energy (I’m looking forward to a similar burst right…about…tomorrow!)IMG_0237-0

In October I celebrated the fact that I’m near my son when his health needs require it. Availability is a good thing. Since I substitute at his school, I’m available even when I’m working, and I’m grateful that the school is so understanding.

morning messageIn November, I was deep into substitute teaching and having “one of those days” fairly often. That’s November for you.

In December, I was moved to tears a couple of times daily as my “foster students” (the second grade class where I was substitute-teaching) rehearsed and then performed their Christmas play.

All in all, it’s been a good year.

12/Year: April in Review

I have a nice camera, but if it weren’t for my iPhone I wouldn’t have ANY pictures at all most of the time!

I’m linking up with Barbara’s 12 a Year.

Recommended reading.

 Evidence of an afternoon well-spent. We went to Tampa, Florida for a few days during Easter vacation. Fun in the sun!

Beautiful sunset over the Gulf.

Little Brother worked on his Science Fair report. For his project, we baked together!

The very first lilacs of the season.

Little Brother, at the dollar store:  “Look, Mom, a really big toothbrush!”

Kitchen equipment–needed to feed 125 people dinner for 5 days during Tech Week at the high school. The “play parents” make sure the kids have a good, hot dinner before those extra-long rehearsals. This year, I was the Dinner Mama.

The pool’s open! (Yes, he knows it’s only April. He’d open it on the first day of spring if he could.)

Polar Bear Plunge, April 23. The water was 55 degrees. The air was 50 degrees.

Middle Sister got her hair done for prom. She looks great in curls!

 Middle Sister on her way to prom!

All packed up for the first night of Tech Week dinners. My garage looked like an episode of “Hoarders:  The Restaurant Edition.”

12/year: really belated

This blog has been sorely neglected lately, so I decided to (belatedly) link up with Barbara’s 12/year photo roundup! Most of the pictures were taken on my phone, but at least I’ve got a few pictures!

In March,

I received an “Honorary Doctorate” for reading to the pre-K when the school celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday.
I spun a science-fair-mishap into a delicious cookie/brownie combo!
We had much better luck with our second attempt at the science fair cookie recipe! Read all about it–the cookies were terrific!
It snowed–the most snow we got all year.
Little Brother is a Boy Scout now, so he got to help with the Easter Vigil fire. Here’s the “before”…
…and the “during.” You can’t see Father; he’s on the other side of the flames. 
Alleluia! Easter sunrise.