Two Are Better Than One

Two Are Better Than Once (1)What do Pat Gohn and Danielle Bean have in common?

  • they’re both moms
  • they’re both Catholic, enthusiastically and unapologetically (if that isn’t a word, it should be!)
  • they’re both writers
  • they’re both media-savvy (Pat in radio and podcasting, Danielle in TV and magazines)
  • they both live “down a country lane” in New England
  • they’ve both been inspiring me as a mom, writer and user of social media for years
  • they know how to encourage women

I met Pat live and in person at last summer’s Catholic Writers’ Guild Conference. She is warm and engaging, a wonderful listener who immediately hugs you upon recognition. But before I’d even met her in person, I’d appeared on her podcast and we’d had several fun and inspiring Twitter exchanges. If you haven’t found her podcast yet, what are you waiting for?

I’ve followed Danielle Bean for close to 10 years–I found her through and looked forward to the daily blogs and stories that were posted in their daily newsletter. Danielle has since written several books; she appears on The Gist and is editor of Catholic Digest magazine. I haven’t met her in person yet but can vouch for the deliciousness of her Beer Roll recipe.

Pat Gohn’s book, Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious, was published last year. Danielle Bean’s new book Momnipotent has been out only a few weeks, and I haven’t gotten to read all of it yet. But I’ve read enough to know that these two books are perfect companion volumes.

Pat’s book deals with the “why.” Danielle’s gets into the “how.”

If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift for that special woman in your life, I highly recommend this pair of books. Tie them up with a ribbon and attach a gift card for her favorite coffee shop.

There’s nothing like the gift of peace, encouragement and understanding on Mother’s Day. I don’t know any mom who wouldn’t love that.

What’s Your Favorite Bible Verse?

Do you listen to the Among Women podcast? You don’t have to have an iPod to listen in! You can download the files to your computer or even listen online. But this weekly podcast, hosted by Pat Gohn, is definitely worth your time.

I like to download this always-enlightening podcast and play it back when I’ve got some kitchen or household chores that will take a decent amount of time but not a lot of mental energy. Listening to Pat and her fascinating guests helps the time fly by–and I multitask by learning as I work!

Right now, Pat is preparing a special edition of Among Women, and she’s looking for audience participation. New listeners can join in as well! Here are the details:

Dear Among Women listeners,

Please consider this an open invitation to submit your favorite Bible verses to me, and tell me why they “speak” to you, or are special to you. I’m preparing another Among Women “Special Edition” podcast and want to highlight the Bible and its role in our lives.

I’d like to know what Book, Chapter and verse the reading comes from, your name and city/state, and why you love those verses.

There are two ways to share your submissions:

1. Call and record your thoughts on our feedback line at: 206-203-2024. I love this option because it puts YOUR VOICE on the podcast…. and don’t worry if you make a mistake, I can edit out little muffs or glitches! But do it! I’d love to hear from you. You can also send me a file recorded on your mobile phone, or on your computer. I can take wave files, mp3’s and m4a’s.

2. Send your feedback to me via email, or send it via Facebook.

Looking forward to learning what scripture verses are meaningful to you! Let’s share God’s Word with one another.

Your intentions remain in my prayers.

Pat Gohn

host, Among Women
Pat Gohn
Among Women Blog

Why not give Pat a helping hand and share your favorite Bible verse with the Among Women listeners? I’ll be calling in with mine!