No One Sleeps at Sleepovers (especially the parents)

Last night we had Middle Sister’s snow-themed birthday party. 6 guests, no sleeping. Highlights of the event included balloon fights, manicures, reheated pizza after midnight, potato chips for breakfast instead of the waffles I cooked, and one broken “globe” from the kitchen ceiling fan, because it’s not a party if there’s nothing broken.

Remind me again why we feel compelled to clean the house before a party? I have to do it again today! But I think I’m going to have to have some coffee with actual caffeine. It might be the only way to make it through the afternoon.

Cake, anyone?

Here’s one of my favorite things to do

This is the cake for Little Brother’s birthday party. We’re celebrating tomorrow.

Over the years I have made many birthday cakes for my kids. This is the most important party detail, in my mind. Never mind that I haven’t swept the floor yet, and the food’s not prepared. This afternoon, it was all about getting the cake done.

Decorating cakes is very relaxing for me. I have to work slowly and concentrate. There can be no hurrying. This cake took a good deal of advance planning since I had to figure out many details (and visit five stores before scoring the plastic airplanes!) But once I got that gray icing mixed, I was ready to go, and I just kept going until it was done. I love the slow, deliberate work, which is generally against my hurry-up, Type A nature. And I love the feeling of accomplishment when the cake is finished and the kids come running into the kitchen to see how it looks.