Small Success Thursday: Lent Begins


I have the feeling that this Lent is going to be all about letting go of–giving up–the control I want to have over the hours in my day.

Resistance is futile, but acceptance is going to be hard-won, as evidenced by the mini-breakdown I experienced in the school parking lot earlier today.

1. As Sherry Antonetti and Lisa Hess both mentioned, there’s a “40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge” going on. I’m piggybacking my plan to declutter my home into this challenge. It’s a good thing.

2. I sat down and mended my husband’s pants, which is a job I really hate to do, but I got that pair done that has been sitting on top of the dryer for 2 weeks. animalLucky me–there’s another pair ready to mend now that I fixed those.

3.  It’s Little Brother’s birthday, and I worked it out so that his favorite Muppet could wish him a happy birthday in the local newspaper. Check it out!
Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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old west portraitWe went out to dinner tonight to celebrate TheDad’s birthday. At his choice of restaurant, many walls were decorated with Old West portraits–except for the ones by the bar, which held large TVs featuring SEC football.

Middle Sister mused aloud about whether, in 150 years, our portraits would be hanging on some restaurant wall somewhere. “Would we even know? I wonder if those people know we’re looking at their pictures right now.”

I didn’t think that we’d know about it if this happened. “How would we be able to keep track of all the places where our digital images wind up?”

Little Brother disagreed. “We’d know about it in heaven!”


“God has excellent eyes!”

How to Thrill a Child with a Christmastime Birthday

Middle Sister received a letter from the principal of her school yesterday.

“You have been selected to be one of the seven students to light the Christmas trees (in the church attached to the school). You were selected because your birthday falls on or nearest Christmas. Often your birthday celebrations maybe have been overshadowed by Christmas. We would like to honor those who share their birth-date with Our Lord’s.”

We try hard to make sure Middle Sister gets plenty of “happy birthday” treatment in the middle of Christmas celebrations, as her birthday is the 27th.

I think this celebration at school is a really sweet idea.