Not in My House

I love the Zits comic and read it every day.  Creators Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman really have a handle on what it’s like to live with teenagers.

They got it wrong today, though.  Around here, Middle Sister is the one most likely to eat the leftovers.

For breakfast.

Even when those leftovers are Beef Enchiladas.  Especially when those leftovers are Beef Enchiladas.

Zits hits the nail on the head

I’m beating Ellen to the Friday Funny today.  We have a few things in common, including a connection to our local diocesan high school and a love for the movie My Cousin Vinny.  And we both enjoy the Zits comic, which chronicles life with teen boys–the kind of teen boys who are basically good kids but just, in their own way, completely oblivious.  That comic makes me laugh, because there are so many times I can picture the exact situation.

Here’s today’s Zits:

That’s life with Big Brother.  Except he has an old beat-up Hyundai, not a van.
And here’s one from earlier in the week, which is a good description of Middle Sister’s friends:

I could totally picture some of them doing this–which is why they require more supervision than 15-year-olds want to have.  In some ways, these kids are just like toddlers, only larger and stronger (and thankfully, potty trained).

I Love This Comic Strip

Zits is such a great comic. I AM THAT MOM, just with shorter hair.

Big Brother tells me that his long-suffering AP Language teacher reads this every day. She puts up with him and his friends in her classroom for lunch daily so I guess she can relate to this as much as I do–if not more! She’s got teen boys times ten every day for lunch.