I’ve got a few things to say about a few things in these places:

  • at Catholicmom.com:  Tech Talk:  5 Reasons to Use Springpad.  This is probably the most useful app I have on my phone (and computer).
  • at Tjoos.com:  Tuesday Release, in which I express my gratitude for my Big Kids’ good taste in music
  • also at Tjoos:  Athletic Immunity, this Notre Dame football fan’s short take on the NCAA’s sanctions of Penn State
  • and finally, did you know that hot flashes can be so powerful that they can melt moisturizer right off your face?  I found this out last week:  Midlife Madness
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Worth Reading

R.C. Mommy: Holding on for a hero: “To develop my Catholic identity, or to develop it in my family, requires intentional living. It is not enough to float through my life…”

I’d like to put one of those little sidebar thingies in my blog so I could just insert great links when I read them. Unfortunately, the only one I found requires Google Reader, and I use FeedDemon.

So I’ll have to share this way for the moment.

Go and read Amy’s post. Great food for thought, and an excellent book recommendation. I’ve read some of this book–but not enough of it–this was a good push in the right direction.

(Actually, when I clicked the “blog this” link on Amy’s post, I wound up sharing this on my recipe blog. DUH…once again, a technology fail for me.)

Sharing New Media

In an effort to get the word out as to what’s out there for Catholics who use computers, I have volunteered to supply one link per week for my parish bulletin, along with a short description. I’ll be linking to podcasts, websites and apps. All of them will be previewed before I recommend them and I’m looking for a good sampling so that there’s something for everyone.

Here are the first ones I have submitted.

8/22 Among Women Podcast

Features conversations with Catholic women from all walks of life; faith-sharing and faith-building. Each weekly podcast also includes information about a saint who brings inspiration to our lives. Podcasts are downloadable audio files; you can listen to them on your computer or mp3 player.

8/29 In Between Sundays Podcast

A podcast for young-adult Catholics, discussing how to live as a Catholic in the world outside of church. Their Facebook page allows listeners to connect with and support each other.

9/5 The Deacon’s Bench

A permanent deacon in the diocese of Brooklyn, NY includes homilies, interviews, Catholic news items and inspirational stories along with some fun stuff in this blog. Updated often and always interesting.

9/12 Catholic Mom

Catholic author Lisa Hendey hosts this site, which includes a podcast, book reviews, Sunday gospel activities for children, and articles by a host of columnists and contributors. You’ll also find reflections on the daily Mass readings, weekly fiction features, and giveaways of Catholic books and CDs.

9/19 Divine Office

Want to learn to pray the Liturgy of the Hours without the confusion of a big prayer book? This free website provides the daily prayers in both written and audio versions. The Liturgy of the Hours is the daily prayer of the Church and is not just for priests and deacons; everyone can participate in these prayers. There’s also a free app for your iPhone or iPod.

9/26 Faith & Family Live
This group blog is more than just a collection of essays; it’s open for comments so it becomes a discussion. Topics include parenting, education, homemaking, working, book reviews, a weekly podcast and more. There’s also a print magazine: Faith and Family.

Rosary Army
Learn how to make all-twine knotted Rosaries; download free mp3 files of the Rosary, Stations of the Cross and other topics. Hosted by a young family of seven.

10/10 Grace Before Meals
Join Father Leo as he presents recipes for delicious food and ideas on strengthening family life. Sign up for his free weekly newsletter or watch online videos of his program.

10/17 QuoteCatholic
“A collection of the best, coolest, inspiring, most thought-provoking and wise Catholic quotes on the world wide web,” according to founder Matt Warner. Organized by topic. Sign up for a daily quote via email or Twitter.

Catholic Tech Tips
Catholic Tech Tips was created to help teens use new media technologies to share their faith and love of Christ with others — and to maybe learn some life skills at the same time. It’s not just for kids; parents can learn too!

10/31 Saint of the Day
This site, hosted by the Franciscans and St. Anthony Messenger Press, features a daily mini-biography of the saint whose feast we celebrate on that date. There’s also an iPhone app, including audio and a searchable calendar.

NOV. 7

Podcast, a blog and more by a priest in the Diocese of Providence, RI.  This priest even has his own iPhone app!

NOV. 14
Summa This, Summa That

A group blog on Catholicism, culture, politics and more.  There’s plenty to learn and plenty to consider.

NOV. 21
Catholic Foodie

“Where food meets faith”—this site includes recipes and highlights how good food can be a sign of God’s love for us and our families.  There’s a podcast you can download as well.

Father JC Maximilian

Father “JC Maximilian” is a priest of the Diocese of Trenton.  He posts his Sunday homilies on his blog as well as “Liturgical Footnotes” that cover different aspects of the Mass.  Updated about twice a week.

O Night Divine

Crafts, foods, and activities for parents and children to share during the season of Advent.

Advent and Christmas resources at Catholicmom.com

Prayers, projects, coloring pages, recipes, website links, and suggestions for books and music families can enjoy together during Advent and Christmas.

Catholic Culture

Gives faithful Catholics the information, encouragement, and perspective they need as they work to shape an authentically Christian culture in a secular world.

Catholic TV

This online TV site presents diocesan television programs from throughout the USA, including the Diocese of Trenton. Watch videos online or on your iPod–no cable TV required.

Pray as You Go

Daily downloadable prayer podcasts, with music, for your MP3 player. You can also listen from your computer. Lasting 10 to 13 minutes, each podcast contains music, questions for reflection and Scripture.

Exceptional Marriages

Features resources religiously-committed Catholics need to live more faithful and abundant marriage, family, and personal lives. Links to radio programs, blogs, book suggestions, quizzes and more.

Daily With DeSales

Visit this site at the beginning of each day! Consider how St. Francis de Sales can help you to pursue a practical path to holiness precisely in the state and stage of life in which you find yourself.

Catholic News Agency

On the web, facebook, and twitter, reporting news from the Vatican as well as news of interest to Catholics in the USA and abroad. Links to daily Mass readings, saint of the day, and more.

Digital Resources for Lent

Free printable Stations of the Cross, examination of conscience, guides to understanding the Mass readings, and devotional materials.

If you have ideas for others that I can recommend to my parish, I’d appreciate your input.

A Nice Custom

…and not just because there’s coffee involved. (Coffee always helps, though.)

I was just reading Hugh McNichol’s column at CatholicMom.com. (I found out recently that he is a former faculty member at Big Brother’s school–how cool is that!) McNichol describes a custom at his daughter’s school–Donuts with Dad.

It’s a good idea. Even though more and more moms are joining the dads in the workforce, it’s mainly the moms who are seen around school–unless there are sports involved. Donuts with Dad, and other events like it, give dads an opportunity to see the world where their children spend six or seven hours a day, five days a week. And such events give dads a chance to meet other dads and encourage each other in the very important work dads do, supporting their families in immeasurable ways, not just financial ones.

My kids are fortunate to have a dad who would gladly attend a Donuts with Dad on some school morning, who works very hard so that they can attend Catholic schools and live in a neighborhood where they can play basketball in the street and leave their bicycle out in the driveway all night (and still find it there in the morning), who makes sure that they attend Mass each Sunday, and who cares enough to “friend” them on Facebook. They are blessed to have a dad who sees to it that his mom isn’t spending every weekend alone, who encourages them to do their very best, and who grew a Cub Scout Pack from 2 to 22 in 2 short years so that Little Brother would have the same opportunities in Scouting that Big Brother had.

I wish my kids’ school had a Donuts with Dad. Their dad sure deserves it!

Bishops Urge Catholics to Write to Congress Re: Health-Care Plan

There’s no time to lose!

The Bishops have urged Catholics in the USA to email their Congress members this weekend.

Pat Gohn has the scoop:

When you attend Sunday Mass this weekend, you may see a bulletin insert from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops…. you can read the insert in this pdf file.

The Bishops are calling on all Americans to contact Congress to oppose health care reform that does not respect the dignity of human life, and which support abortion with tax dollars.

The bishops have made an easy-to-use one-stop fill-in-the-blank form to send your comments to Congress. Pass this link on to others!

The main page from the Bishops about healthcare is here. There is lots of good information there.

Image credit

If you want to know…

what the Catholic Bishops have listed as their priorities in health-care reform, look no further: Denise Hunnell has spelled it all out for you in her column at the Catholic Examiner.

Particularly of interest was the mention of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposed strategy for health-care reform, ideas that

“would not bankrupt our nation or increase taxes in the midst of a recession. They are achievable reforms with bipartisan consensus and public support.”

Check Denise’s blog for more on the subject.

Why Moms Don’t Want to Always Know Best

Read Sheila Wray Gregoire’s column for this week! I think she’s been peeking in my windows. Thanks, Sheila, for saying what I couldn’t find the words to express.

I try not to bug my husband with the Little Stuff, because he really does deal with most of the Big Stuff. But a lot of the Little Stuff sure does come with Big Guilt. I really appreciate what Sheila has to say on this subject.

An Encouraging Word on a Busy Day

Today was one of those days when this “stay-at-home mom” wasn’t home much. I took Little Brother to the library. I zipped to the Dollar Store and CVS to pick up a few necessities (sidewalk chalk among them, because it just isn’t summer without an abundance of sidewalk chalk). I picked up some Chick-Fil-A lunch. I took Little Brother to the pool, and encouraged him as he practiced his swimming and then cheered for him when he passed his swim test (he’s allowed in the Big Pool now without me–yippee!) After dinner I delivered Big Brother to cross-country practice and then took Little Brother to Middle Sister’s basketball game, where I cheered for her team and provided first-aid necessities when a team member got injured.

At home, I did manage to get 2 loads of laundry hung on the line, bathrooms “swished and swiped,” dinner cooked, served and cleaned up, and my writing for the day done.

I was despairing over getting stuff done (or more correctly, not getting stuff done.) And then a friend of mine sent me a link to the 50s Housewife blog. I was curious so I followed it–and I found this: “Someone Has to Do It”.

Then I realized I didn’t do that badly today after all. It was a busy day, but a good day. Much as I love to be home, sometimes my vocation takes me out of it–to the pool, the library, the store, the basketball court. Those things are important too, even when they prevent me from cleaning the floors (which seriously need some cleaning!) Now go visit the link. We all need that kind of encouragement.

Worthwhile Culture-of-Life Links

All found via Twitter (follow me @sfomom)

A Wolf in Pink Clothing: excellent explanation of the whole “why I don’t support ACS and Susan G Komen” thing. Long, and worth every minute!

Interesting take on the anti-Obama backlash provided by the ND invitation

–And our favorite author of adolescent-in-the-’80s books, Judy Blume, wants us to donate to Planned Parenthood to honor our mothers. Amy Welborn explains why this is not a great way to honor Mom!