Small Success Thursday: New Blog Edition


Shortly after Little Brother was diagnosed with diabetes, I received a message from my friend Katharine Grubb (she’s also an author! You should read her books!)

She was urging me to begin a new project. As if I need more new projects. She wanted me to use the information I was gathering about cooking for my Type 1 Diabetic child and share it with others who could use it.

I knew she was right, but I had to let some things settle in first. Finally, yesterday, I took the plunge and pressed the “publish” button on my new cooking blog.

Cook and Count has the carb-per-serving count for each recipe I feature. I also plan to include Little Brother’s story as well as other things we learn about dealing with diabetes as a family.


I taught FIRST grade the other day when they needed a substitute at school! I used to teach first-grade Spanish, but I had a new batch of kiddos every 35 minutes. All day long is another story entirely, but we had a great day. Best line of the day, after I wrote my name on the blackboard:  “I can’t say your name! It has too many words!”


I’m taking advantage of the better weather (and lack of early-morning ice)–I got to Mass twice this week and the gym once. I’m hoping to do better on both counts, but it’s a start.

Stop over to and read about everyone’s Small Success! Share your own in the comments or link to your own blog!

Looking for a Few Good Recipes

You probably already know that I am a recipe addict. There are over 100 cookbooks in my house, which, for the record, is not “too many” by any stretch of the imagination.

WFDI share all kinds of recipes over at Mom’s Fridge, and I’m privileged to share meatless-meal ideas at as well. In fact, there is now a core team of four recipe bloggers who make sure there’s a meatless recipe every single Friday, and many other contributors will be sharing recipes in the coming weeks as well.

MF logoI am so thrilled that has run with the ball on this!

This past Friday, we did something a little different. We’re hosting a Meatless-Friday recipe link party at It lasts the entire week, so that gives you plenty of time to find and share your family favorites. And with just over a month to go until Lent, it also gives you plenty of time to browse these shared recipes and introduce some new ones into your Lenten meal plan.

(And remember, Meatless Friday isn’t just for Lent. Read all about it!)


7 Quick Takes: Meatless Friday Edition


Early this morning while I was on Twitter, I was emailing myself so many tweeted links to 7 Quick Takes that I figured I might as well join in and read them at the source.


honey-lime-fish-fillets-298x400Meatless Fridays–they’re not just for Lent anymore! (Actually, they never really WERE just for Lent.) Honestly, it’s not that hard to have a meatless meal once a week. Have you noticed that has been featuring a meatless recipe each Friday? I’ve been contributing several of these. Today we’ve got Honey-Lime Fish Fillets and, on the side, Spinach & Pasta with Garlic.


Though I really do love to cook and try new recipes, I’m not gonna lie. I’m glad tonight is pizza night. We’re getting takeout.


Next week at this time, I’ll be finishing up my first Friday back at the school library. I volunteer there, one half-day per week. This is my 7th year and I love it! Usually I have Little Brother’s class, but this year his class has library on Friday afternoons. He asked me if I’d take my lunch to school and stay long enough to see his class. How can I say no to that? He’s in 6th grade! Any day now, he won’t want me anywhere near his school.


rock n roll run back to schoolOn Monday, Little Brother’s school had its fourth annual Run Back to School 5K. I walked the mile, since I’m not quite up to a 5K or a run, in a drenching thunderstorm, with a foot injury. Not smart on so many levels. But it was for the kids!


I also volunteered at the Run Back to School, helping out at the registration table. I saw a few kids who know me from the library, and they wanted to know if I’d be there during their class. What a sweet boost to the ego that was! And one mom asked me if I had to attend the faculty in-service the next day. (No, I’m just a volunteer. But apparently I’m a fixture. That’s fine with me.)


My foot is still hurting. The suspicion is that it’s tendinitis; it’s just in front of my left heel on the outside of the foot. Lateral motion aggravates it, though I can walk on it without too much pain. You just have NO IDEA how much you move side to side when you’re doing laundry, cooking…I commandeered one of Middle Sister’s (many) ankle braces in an attempt to immobilize it as much as possible, and I’ll be seeing the doctor on Monday.


Tomorrow Notre Dame plays Michigan; it’s a big rivalry, but I won’t be watching the game or even wearing one of my (many) Fighting Irish t-shirts. That’s because Pope Francis has asked us to pray and fast for Syria (and the Middle East in general) this weekend. I could give up coffee, or chocolate, or soda. Or I could “give ’til it hurts” and miss my football game. At kickoff time, I’ll be praying for peace instead of touchdowns.

fast and pray for Syria

Are you hungry yet?

I guarantee that you will be after you stop over at Building the Ark and see the fabulous collection of Christmas cookie recipes that Jane has put together! There’s more than a baker’s dozen over there and they all look terrific.

We consider Christmas cookies to be “breakfast of champions.” If it’s good enough for Santa, it’s good enough for us. They’re made with milk, eggs, and flour. Nutritious!

My family is very loyal to our own cookie recipe, but that won’t stop me from trying some of these others during the rest of the year. They’re happy to eat any kind of cookie I bake–except at Christmas, when it must be our traditional cookies.