I don’t get to Confession very often. Partly that is because Saturday afternoons are the absolute worst time for me to go anywhere. That’s with or without a Notre Dame football game, which has pretty much turned into a Near Occasion of Sin these days. I’m as die-hard a fan as they come without purchasing those blue-and-gold plaid pants, but it’s really getting tough to watch a game without resorting to the kind of language that gets a movie a PG-13 rating.

So yesterday I walked away from the television and took myself to Confession. It was way past time to do that. But I left there feeling kind of “disappointed.” My former confessor has moved away (a year ago) and this priest…well, Confession is not his strong suit, I guess. I had come to expect to be challenged a little, at the sacrament. Instead, I felt like I was just “assembly-lined” through. But I don’t want to let my disappointment eat away at me. I am trying to remember that Father is a very good priest, and pastor, in many other ways. He can’t be good at everything.

So, a confession about Confession: I was so busy focusing on “what I get out of it” that I missed what I really do get out of it: grace. I didn’t meet St. John Vianney in the Reconciliation Room yesterday. But I did confess my sins; I made a good Act of Contrition; and I was absolved in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I realize now that instead of whipping through the small penance I was given, I should have taken the time to do a little work on my soul.

Next time I won’t wait so long, and I won’t let my expectations get in the way of the sacrament.

First Holy Communion for Our Godchild

I have been a godmother three times, but only once have my husband and I had the privilege to be godparents to the same child. She is not a relative, but the child of friends–and because they live locally and she attends Middle Sister’s school, we get to see her and her family fairly often.

Tomorrow morning our godchild will receive her First Holy Communion. What a special day for her and her family! Please keep her and her classmates in your prayers tomorrow, that Jesus will be with them in a special way on their First Communion Day and always.