Must-See TV: Finding Jesus

I’ve always been fascinated by the history surrounding Jesus, and ever since I first learned about the Shroud of Turin while in high school, I wanted to know more about it. When I was given the opportunity to preview the first episode of Carmel Communications’ production, Finding Jesus, I was thrilled that this episode was all about the Shroud.

Finding Jesus shroud of turin info

This show is a CNN original series, and I expected a much more “newsy,” skeptical, and even irreverent approach. This show did not belittle the Faith in any way. On the contrary, the narration and interviews were quite reverent and respectful. The program delves into history, culture, science and faith without disparaging any of these traditions or giving in to sensationalism.

Check out a preview of the first episode:

One warning, and I do not take this lightly: the violence in this show is disturbing. Actors portray the beating, torture and crucifixion of Jesus as narrators explain the scientific effects of these on the human body. It was beyond difficult to watch this. I caution parents to be very careful about allowing children to see this production.

Finding Jesus premieres Sunday, March 1, at 9 PM Eastern on CNN. Learn more about the show at CNN’s Finding Jesus page.

Image source: Finding Jesus Facebook page.

Wait ’til Middle Sister Gets Home!

No, she’s not going to get punished for something.

I got my Netflix selection today: the first disk of the TV series Newhart.

She’s going to get a kick out of the bad ’80s fashions. And I have a feeling that both my Big Kids will enjoy Larry, Darryl and Darryl.

But the best part of the show is the star, Bob Newhart. He reminds me a lot of my dad (who dresses like him, looks a bit like him, and has the same dry sense of humor)–and my dad is also a big fan. I wonder if any of my kids will see the resemblance to Grandpa. He’d be flattered, though probably not as much as he was when Little Brother thought that the picture of Lance Armstrong in the newspaper was really a picture of Grandpa.

Nevertheless, it’s a funny show, and very family-friendly. So settle down with your twelve-year-old and laugh at the clothes, hair, and antics of Larry, Darryl and Darryl.