Oh Happy Day!

Happy weekend, really.

This weekend Big Brother graduated from LaSalle University.

Stephen graduation 1Magna cum laude and all.

He’s the one in the multicolored stole, which signifies the Justice Through Service Award. As a Service Scholar at LaSalle, he served in soup kitchens, tutored neighborhood children, participated in AIDS outreach, joined a group of 100 college students from around the country in a huge Habitat for Humanity effort, and more–10 hours per week for his whole four years.

DSC_0034In addition, he played bass, guitar, and mandolin in the Campus Ministry band every weekend for Mass.

He completed a double major in IT and Computer Science in 4 years and never once called home to tell us he needed money.

baccalaureate Mass

Congratulations, Big Brother! Words cannot express how proud I am of all your accomplishments.