Book Review: Faith, Friends and Other Flotation Devices

It’s the middle of summer, and it feels like the long days are never-ending. frappuccinoAre you counting the days until school starts again?

(For the record, we’ve got about 50 days left of summer for Little Brother. Not that I pay attention to such things…)

For the mom who needs a midsummer pick-me-up that lasts longer than the crushed ice in a Frappuccino, I recommend Michele Howe‘s latest devotional/guidebook:  Faith, Friends and Other Flotation friends flotation devices

Subtitled “A Woman’s Guide to Abundant Living,” this book combines scripture, encouragement, and a little push toward concrete action.

My favorite part of the book was the section in each chapter with a two-page story of a mom who was struggling in some way. These stories help you realize that you’re not alone. They’re followed by scripture quotes, lessons from other spiritual books, and plans for your life. I love the title–especially the part about “flotation devices.” Faith and friends are, indeed, wonderful flotation devices!

The short format of each chapter makes this the perfect book for moms to tuck in their bags and bring along in the hope of a few minutes’ down time at a baseball game, swim meet, play practice or day-camp pickup line.

Frappuccinos last only a few minutes. The wisdom in this book is good for a lifetime–and can be a lifeline.