#WorthRevisit: Professional-Grade Worry

Professional grade worry

I live a lot of my life in the realm of “what if,” probably borrowing trouble, but I can’t make it stop. Yesterday was a big day for worry around here. I had an afternoon meeting whose agenda included 3 sets of contingency plans. TheKid was on a diabetes roller-coaster ride, for reasons we hadn’t determined, so that was on my mind. And I had a lot to do for work — and all sorts of things were conspiring to distract me.

This morning I received an email that resolved the need for 2 of those 3 contingency plans, and I’m breathing a lot easier as a result. But looking back on my tendency to worry, I found my Small Steps blog tour “randomly-assigned” reflection — on worry.

(The Holy Spirit is funny like that.)

small steps

From Small Steps for Catholic Moms:


“Pray, hope, and don’t worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.”

– St. Padre Pio


Sweet Jesus, help me to replace the fearful conversation I have inside my head with constant prayer. Whenever I fall into my old habit of worrying interiorly, nudge me. Remind me to put it all in your hands instead.


Copy the quote above and put it in an obvious place where it will remind you not to let worry run around inside your head. Pray! Pray! Pray instead!

It very nearly killed me when I read the “randomly” assigned page that I was given to use. I think that out of this whole book–and I’ve read a good chunk of it already–this page is the one that speaks to me most right now. Shivers down the spine, friends! I am a pro at worrying and had never considered that worry is really based in fear. I could chew on this idea for much more than the single day that’s devoted to it … and I hope that by coming to terms with my tendency to worry, I can learn to put it aside and take my fears to prayer, laying them at the feet of the Lord instead of letting them weigh heavy on my soul and my family.

worth revisit

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Wear it like you mean it, plus a Catholic T-Shirt Box review

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I was running errands over the weekend, and on one of my stops, a sales clerk asked me about the T-shirt I was wearing. Behind a tall counter, he was too far away to read the whole message.

“Pray, hope and don’t worry,” I told him. “It’s Padre Pio.”

He complimented the quote on the shirt, then backed up. “Oh no–I shouldn’t have said anything.”

He explained that earlier that day, he’d asked someone else about the message on her shirt. Even though he had also been complimentary in that instance, the customer had reported him to the manager.

“I don’t get it,” I replied. “If you’re going to wear a shirt with a message, you should be ready to talk about it.”

I got that T-shirt from the Catholic T-Shirt Club.

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This subscription-box service offers an exclusive monthly T-shirt design in a variety of combinations with sacramentals, prayer cards and children’s books, depending on the subscription you choose. Boxes range in price from $16/month for the children’s “Little Saint” box to $49 for the “Cardinal” box with two of everything: T-shirts plus several sacramentals. Shipping is $3 except for the larger “Cardinal” boxes, which ship for $5.

The box shown above is the “Bishop” box; it included the soft, brown Padre Pio-themed T-shirt, a vial of holy oil with information about its use, a prayer card containing a third-class relic of Saint Pio, and a Saint Pio medal. The sacramentals are not blessed, so those will need to be taken to a priest or deacon before use.

The card in the top of the box features a prayer written by Padre Pio on the front (shown in the images here) and a reflection about that prayer on the reverse side.

Part of the fun of a monthly subscription box is the element of surprise. As a subscriber, you’ll receive your box around the 20th of each month. There is no long-term commitment; you can cancel at any time by accessing your account online. Learn more at the Catholic T-Shirt Club FAQ.

Are you a member of a Catholic group or affiliated with a Catholic school? Check out their fundraising option!

Wear it like you mean it.


I received a sample box from the Catholic T-Shirt Club for the purpose of this review. No compensation was received. Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

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"Wear it like you mean it: Catholic T-Shirt Club review" by Barb Szyszkiewicz (franciscanmom.com)
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