Small Success Thursday and BIG Successes Too!

Small-Success-Thursday-400pxIt’s Small Success Thursday, and we’re celebrating those little things that can just plain make your day, because we get it. Stop on by and share your own small successes in the comments–or link your blog post!


I enjoyed a substitute-teaching gig with the third grade on Tuesday. This really is a terrific age. I only had to tie two shoes (same kid) and I came home with two Easter-bunny pictures that kids made for me during free time after they finished a test.


On Sunday we attended the cast party for the high-school play. That’s always a social-anxiety nightmare for me, even though I met and worked with many of the other parents during Tech Week. (I’m fine when I have a job to do.) But we ran into a family we’ve known since Big Brother was about 7, and haven’t seen in a while, so we enjoyed the time catching up and I didn’t have to sweat the whole fitting-in thing.


My most fun success of the week happened last night during choir practice. We’re a folk group, so we rehearse at my house, where the kids can hang out and we can hang out, without being disrespectful by playing Beatles tunes in church after practice is over. And we celebrate birthdays with singing and treats. Last night we had JUST finished singing “Happy Birthday” to one of our members (complete with guitar accompaniment) when the phone rang.

It was Rutgers University (my husband’s alma mater) who had called the night before at 9:30 PM. I guess they’re trying to raise funds. Our discretionary income is all tied up in our kids’ educations, so they won’t find any funds here. I motioned to the guitarist to start the song again and picked up the phone.

By the end of the chorus, the telemarketer had hung up. And then the birthday girl blew out the candles.

And now for the Big Stuff:

Big Brother got a job! He graduates LaSalle University in 4 weeks with a degree in computer science and he has landed a job in his field. We’re all excited for him, and very proud.

We’re also proud of Middle Sister, who accepted LaSalle University’s offer of admission with an academic scholarship plus a Resident Scholar Award, for students who have what it takes to contribute to the resident-student community.

And it looks like the whole mess over Little Brother’s continuous-glucose monitor may be working itself out. Thank you so much for prayers on that score.


Let me begin by saying that I don’t know how third-grade teachers do their job all day. The kids are sweet, but all day long with the same bunch of 8-year-olds who complain that their neighbor is looking at them/breathing on them/calling them names/not sitting in their proper seat/insert harmless-yet-annoying thing here–well, that can be a little relentless.

PLUS, they did not go outside at recess today, which means I had no break time.

AND their “special” was cancelled, which means I had no break time.

And I spent a chunk of the day having conversations like this:

CHILD: “Can I do this in cursive?” cursive writing

ME: “What does your teacher usually want you to do?”

OTHER CHILD WHO CAN’T MIND HER OWN BUSINESS: “She says we can do cursive or print, whichever we want.”

ME: “Just make sure it’s neat so your teacher can read it tomorrow.”

MOST OF THE CLASS: “OK.” (gets busy doing work)

CHILD WHO ASKED ORIGINAL QUESTION:  “So can I do this in cursive?”

God bless the full-time teachers of self-contained classes. They have a special kind of patience.