Just a virus

It’s just a virus.
That’s the conclusion the doctor has come to after the rapid-strep test was negative.
Well, it’s nice to know that it’s nothing serious, and after 13+ years as a mom you’d think that I could just take these things in stride by now. But after 13+ years as a mom, sometimes I’d rather hear a diagnosis that requires a trip to the pharmacy for a bottle of “the pink stuff” because I know that within 36 hours, the child will feel better than new and (if school-age) will even readily consent to doing homework because it means that release from the couch (AKA prison) is on the horizon.
Not this time.
This time it’s a virus and there’s really nothing I can do for my daughter with the big sad eyes except indulge her by prescribing The Slurpee Cure: children with sore throats shall be allowed to have a gigantic Slurpee in the neon color of their choice for the duration of their illness.
There will be no “pink stuff” in this house tonight. She’ll have to settle for a Slurpee and a hug.
I bet she feels a lot better tomorrow, though. And if not, we’ll just have to go to the store for another Slurpee.
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