Carrying the children to bed

Little Brother fell asleep on Daddy’s lap tonight while watching a movie. I picked him up and carried him up the stairs to put him to bed.
Then I stood there in his room, holding my three-year-old whose feet bumped my knees all the way upstairs, but whose head still fits in that spot on my shoulder.
That heavy head has a buzz cut now, but it’s still my baby’s head.
My other two babies are way too big for me to carry–Big Brother is almost as tall as I and will probably pass me soon (eek!) and Middle Sister is edging her way toward my height too!
It’s so nice to still have one small enough to carry to bed, and stand there in the dark just enjoying the moment of holding that sleeping child…the little one without a care in the world bigger than trying to finagle a cookie before dinner (a “da-nella” one, of course!)…that moment is just as sacred to me as any moment of prayer.

2 thoughts on “Carrying the children to bed

  1. im only 13,butt,i thought that the “carrying the children to bed”thing was so bautiful and amazing. much respect! madison

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