Breakfast of Champions

Little Brother came downstairs this morning announcing, “I want ice cream! With butter!”
I talked him into having a yogurt instead.

Later he asked for juice, and Big Brother chose to hand him the more expedient option of Sprite. Then I heard, “Look out! You’re gonna spill!”

Whatever happened to pancakes and syrup, with a big glass of milk? (Or in lactose-intolerant Little Brother’s case, a sippy cup of water).

Now if there were any COFFEE ice cream in the house, I might reconsider this whole thing.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions

  1. No, I haven’t had that kind. However, I am partial to Haagen-Dasz and Edy’s (their Slow Churned is amazing).I’d look for the Starbucks, but there’s a reason there’s no coffee ice cream in the house. If it’s there, I eat it!

  2. Boudreaux announced to me yesterday morning that he wanted Mac & Cheese for breakfast, and informed me that afterwards he was going to have a popsicle to cap it all off…….Yeah kid, keep dreaming that dream, and meanwhile heres some oatmeal for ya.

  3. Smiley, you’re slipping. It’s PIZZA for breakfast, ice cream for dinner.Actually, Little Brother prefers Tuna Bread for breakfast. Check my archives.

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