Source for Prolife Checks

I recently ordered new checks from Promise Checks. After reading “The Truth on LifeChecks” from the link on The Dignity of Human Life, I wanted to find another source for checks with a prolife message. This company is a Christian company and they state:
Our family has always been strong supporters of Life. In fact, we have one design based on Psalm 139 that is titled “Sanctity of Life” (also illustrated by Tim Botts). We care deeply about children so we designed another series “Caring for Kids” produced by a Christian mom and daughter (It Takes Two) in Minneapolis. Our most recent additions are WWJD – 4 scenes from different stages in life with verses that tell us What Would Jesus Do?, and “Protect Life” a beautiful photo of a baby in utero.”

I was able to add a 2-line message to the check: Right to Life: Self-Evident. Inalienable.

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The checks were priced right and shipped quickly. I’m very impressed with this company and happy to recommend them to you.

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