I’m Charging Up My Camera Battery

Tomorrow Big Brother graduates from 8th grade.

I received an email this morning from the Music Director asking me if I’d like to help accompany and sing at the Graduation Mass. Middle Sister will be an Altar Server. We will be a busy bunch but that makes the occasion more special, I think.

I haven’t played in that church since it was announced that the school would close. It’s going to be hard–because I think the pastor is going to be there, and I have not come to terms with our differences regarding the way the school closing was handled, and my feelings of betrayal over it. So I guess I’d better pick a dress with pockets, because along with my camera I’m going to need to carry some tissues.

I’ll be smiling too, though, because I am very proud of Big Brother (despite his apparent lack of table manners) and all he has achieved. I’m looking forward to his entering high school in the fall, where he will study German–because he wants to–and where he will be challenged in some Honors classes.

So I will pour that pride into every chord I play, every lyric I sing. I will try to forget about the bad stuff, even when a physical reminder is right there in front of me. I will try to just celebrate the moment, and send off the 8th grade on a happy note. The Recessional Hymn is “Lead Me, Lord.” Amen to that.

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