Those Soldiers Have Faces

Sometimes, with all the news coverage….all war, all the time…it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the news, and just kind of disconnect yourself from the whole thing.

But it occurred to me this morning that if you can do that, you’re lucky. Not everyone can.

Marthamartha has a heartbreaking piece about a soldier’s wife. She’s roughing it at home with 6 kids, and trying to keep her soul and sanity in the process by taping Scripture quotes all over the house.

I have a cyber-buddy in Canada whose husband is in the military. He’s been in Afghanistan since last fall and expects to return home in 4 weeks. His wife and 3 children can’t wait to have him back among them.

The soldiers you see on the news, mostly with their backs to the camera because they’re busy doing what soldiers have to do–those soldiers have faces, and families, and wives, and kids, and parents and siblings and friends. They have jobs and dreams. They–and their loved ones–can’t turn their backs on the war. For them, it IS all war, all the time.

Please pray today and every day for the members of our military and their families, who are all sacrificing every day so that our country and our world can be free and safe.

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