Overheard at the Dinner Table

From the “you didn’t really want to know” department….

After Middle Sister told us that she learned about the finding of “Lucy” by archaeologists, and that “Lucy” was 40 years old and 3 feet tall (I’m not sure of this, but it’s what Middle Sister thinks), Big Brother responded: “There is no way a hominid of that era lived to 40 years.”

Enough of the scholarly banter. The conversation then devolved to include:

“Cloning sheep is genius! Think about it. You could have infinite lamb chops.”

“If you bought 4 hot pretzels at the school lunch and covered them in mustard, you’ve got a great lunch for $1.00! It’s got bread AND a vegetable!”

“Pepper comes from a special kind of corn called peppercorns.”

(I was given permission to write this only if I did not embarrass the owner(s) of the various quotes by identifying them.)

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