Back to Monday, Back to Normal

It’s so nice having everyone back here where they belong!

This morning was a typical normal Monday with TheDad off to work, Little Brother asking where Daddy is, me indulging Little Brother in an extra round of “Trouble” since he is sad about Daddy being at work instead of home playing with him, all the usual stuff.

And this morning I climbed into my van for the first time in more than eight days and viewed the world from my familiar driver’s seat. I adjusted my seat and steering wheel, then used the mirror-setting tips I read about on Bettnet to get everything set up for maximum comfort and road-viewability (when you’re as short as I am, having a bird’s-eye view of the road is not an easy achievement).

Then I turned on the ignition and was assaulted by TheDad’s music selection (the 80s station on XM). I fixed THAT really quickly. The 70s is my decade of choice, thankyouverymuch, and I seriously missed my commercial-free musical nostalgia while driving TheDad’s car all last week, though I did enjoy zipping around in a little sedan, easy parking, and how quickly the air-conditioning cools the hot car interior.

But I’m definitely a creature of habit, as my family would tell you, and it was comforting to me to have my car back, even if it does carry a good bit of Virginia soil on its exterior and more than a few Dr. Pepper bottles are rolling around the interior. I think a couple of Boy Scouts owe me a car-wash and detailing.

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