I Am Grateful

…for my husband, who stuck right by my side and worried about me and wouldn’t let me do a lick of work for 24 hours while I endured The Worst Cramps Ever (I think labor pains were less painful)

…for my husband (again) who pretty much flew solo when we had a dozen friends over for an after-church brunch

…for those dozen friends, whose children and grandchildren pitched in by moving furniture, carrying bags of ice and helping with the dishes

…for my own Big Kids who helped my husband clean up the nightmare of a kitchen last night and left the place neater than I usually find it in the morning after I’ve cleaned it up (I let the dishes drip dry on the rack all night. THEY dried the dishes and put them away!)

…for Little Brother’s extra (and extra-gentle) hugs

…for our friends who invited us over after brunch so we could enjoy dinner and a swim in their backyard

…for the large bottle of ibuprofen in my medicine cabinet

…for all these blessings that I experienced yesterday. God is good–and generous!

This is what was left on the dining-room table after the Big Kids and TheDad washed and put away all the breakfast stuff. I told them that if they didn’t know where to store something, to leave it on the table.
But what’s with the fishing pole?

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