I Love Talking to Rudy Giuliani’s Campaigners

I will admit to being a little gleeful when I talk to Rudy Giuliani’s campaign crew, who seem to call my house weekly or even more often than that.

They want me and TheDad to send them a sizeable campaign contribution and to pledge to vote for Giuliani in the November election.

Not gonna happen.

As I just informed the campaign worker who called my home just now, I will never vote for Giuliani or any other candidate from any party who supports abortion on demand.

“Well, as you may know, ma’am, Mr. Giuliani supports reasonable restrictions on abortion,” I was told.

Michael Gershon’s op-ed piece in the Washington Post shows that this assertion by Giuliani’s campaign staff is untrue.

Giuliani is not only pro-choice. He has supported embryonic stem cell research and public funding for abortion. He supports the death penalty. He supports “waterboarding” of terror suspects and seems convinced that the conduct of the war on terrorism has been too constrained. Individually, these issues are debatable. Taken together, they are the exact opposite of Catholic teaching, which calls for a “consistent ethic of life” rather than its consistent devaluation.

What Giuliani apparently considers “reasonable,” I consider “unconscionable.”

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