A Kitchen Meme!

How could I resist? I love memes, and I love kitchens. So Milehimama tagged just the right person for this one: 8 Random Things About My Kitchen. However, I don’t think I’ll be able to top the picture she used to illustrate her post.

I’ll have to make do with this one:
1. My collection of over 100 cookbooks (there are more in the dining room that didn’t fit on this shelf). You can never have too many cookbooks, despite what TheDad thinks.

2. We don’t eat in our kitchen. Once Little Brother outgrew the high chair (liberating the corner for my fabulous cookbook shelf) we couldn’t all fit at the small kitchen table. So now we eat all our meals in the dining room and have nearly completed our mission to ruin the carpet in there.

3. My kitchen table belonged to my Granma Josie. My parents had given it to her, and I know she spent many hours there each day. Her kitchen was her headquarters. It’s where she cooked, baked, did crossword puzzles, prayed and visited with her grandchildren. After she passed away, my dad asked me if I wanted the table. I like to bake here too.

4. That cool recipe box/cookbook holder was made by one of my mom’s students when she taught at a technical high school.

5. I like to reorganize my kitchen cabinets and counters. I promised TheDad that I wouldn’t relocate any of the stuff he needs to know how to find: skillets, his coffee, dishes and silverware. As for the rest of it, he never notices.

6. My toaster oven is a nice big one, to replace the small one that Big Brother burned to a crisp in a quest to scorch his toast (helpful hint: do not double-toast your toast when it’s on the darkest setting. It WILL catch on fire.) This toaster oven has been on fire too, but since it’s bigger, there was no damage to the oven. Bread flambe is pretty dramatic, though. And the birds around here are too proud to eat it, so it will languish in the garden for weeks.

7. Two things you could never convince me to live without in a kitchen: a gas stove, and an extra-deep sink.

8. And because I am completely incapable of cooking without making a mess all over the kitchen AND myself, it’s important to keep some of these around too:
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Who wants to play? Consider yourself TAGGED!

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