Calvinball, anyone?

Little Brother is sitting here with a magnetic checkerboard that has really tiny checkers. They are about the size of M&Ms. He was very busy playing a game of checkers against himself, and giving us the play-by-play: “Black just got a king. But White got a king too….”

After that game was over, he decided to take the game to the Next Level: Vertical checkers. His goal was to stack all the white pieces and all the black pieces in two tall columns. “WAR!” he declared, and provided a vocal version of tympani as the columns advanced toward each other. Finally, one column was placed atop the other, and the whole thing collapsed under its own weight.

THEN he made “kings” out of all the checkers, and he is figuring out how to place them on the board so he can start a new game.

There’s definitely a good reason that my mom refers to him as “Calvin.”

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