I’m preparing for our Secular Franciscan fraternity meeting tonight.

A part of every regular fraternity meeting is Ongoing Formation. Right now, we are combining that with the formation of a new member who is preparing for Profession. Because there is only one candidate, the entire fraternity is participating in the formation process.

We have a formation textbook that is copyrighted 2004, but the author admits that the title and some concepts have been in use since the 1960s. And that explains some of the “Church of the Felt Banner” paragraphs in our assigned chapter for tonight. (This chapter is on the Eucharist, and prayer.)

I can hardly wait until we get the chapter on Nature. Yes, I peeked ahead.

But anyway, I’m quite sure that some of what is said in this chapter about Eucharist is actually incorrect. Like the one line, “The Eucharistic table is a place where all are welcome.”

Next time I will have to prepare farther ahead for this meeting. Then I can counteract this garbage with some good solid stuff. Like Chesterton.

We can’t complain about poor formation among our members if we’re using texts that are full of errors and liberal interpretations, and sacrifice Francis’ deep message on the altars of ecology and anti-war protests.

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