Thorough (NOT!)

Middle Sister has lost what is, to her, a Very Important Item.

But I think she really wants me to look for it.

Over the weekend I told her that she should empty out her closet (except for hanging clothes) and check through everything.

She produced two bags that she no longer carries, and one plastic bag with a few books and coloring books in it, and said that she had cleaned out the closet. She said “yes” when I asked if she had checked inside all her purses and her old backpack.

This morning when I went to hang things up I saw the messy state of the closet and figured that she hadn’t really checked it very well, so I rifled through the backpack and tote bags.

I didn’t find the Very Important Item, but I did find the doorknob attachment to the power drill–something every tween girl needs to carry in her tote bag, of course.

Guess what she’ll be doing after school today?

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